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Travel Visas

Travel Visas

Travel Visa Assistance Offered by Fuji Translation Agency

With over 15 years’ experience, Fuji Translation Agency has become a leading source for immigration assistance in Bangkok. We make it fast and simple to obtain required visas and travel documents. Depending on your particular travel requirements, it is likely we can assist you in obtaining a travel visa for any country in the world and we would love to help! Some of our most common travel destinations include Thailand, USA, the UK, the European Union, Canada, and Australia. Our customers include individual travelers, families, and employees of large corporations. We have the tools, experience, and global networks necessary to effectively assist you in obtaining the right travel documents and significantly reducing the overall time of the process.

Thailand Visa

In most cases, foreign visitors will need to obtain a visa before entering Thailand. The type of visa needed will be determined by different factors, including the purpose of th visit and duration of the stay. Our agency has years of experience assisting foreigners obtain Thai visas. We can provide legal assistance in acquiring any type of Thai visa. Please view our Thai Visas page for a completed list of the different types of Thai visas available and contact our office for more information.  

US Visa

A visa is required for any Thai citizen to take up temporary or permanent residence in the United States. The type of visa required for your intended visit is determined by the purpose of your visit. The eligibility and document requirements are complicated and can vary on a case-by-case basis. We can provide legal assistance in obtaining several different types of visa to the United States for Thai citizens. Please contact our office for more information regarding what types of US visas we can help you acquire and what documents and procedures are involved.

UK Visa

Some, but not all, country citizens require a visa just to visit the UK. These include citizens of Thailand and the Philippines. However, excluding those from the EU, an entry clearance is required for all citizens to enter the UK for stays longer than 6 months, work, study, or reside. In general, standard visitor visas take up to 15 business days to process. There is no set list of required documents to obtain a UK visa. The necessary documents vary on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our office and speak with a visa consultant for more information.

Schengen Visa

The European Union hosts amazing destinations for travel holidays rich with historical background and heritage. The advantage of applying for a Schengen visa is it allows you to travel freely to and between all countries within the Schengen region, excluding the UK and Ireland. These countries include Demark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Belgium. Applying for a Schengen visa normally takes 4-5 business days to process and our office can assist you with every step throughout the application process.

Canadian Visa

Traveling to Canada for Thai national does require a visa, and the type of visa depends on the purpose of the visit. It is very important to determine the type of visa you need before sending in your Canadian visa application. Depending on your visit, the types of visas you may need include, tourist/visitor visa, family visa, spouse visa, work visa, and student visa. The required documents are fairly straight forward and our office can help you accurately compile everything you need as well as assist you throughout each step of the application process.

Australian Visa

The most common type of visa you would acquire before visiting Australia is a Working Holiday Visa. This type of visa is issued to all foreigners visiting Australia for work or vacation purposes. Depending on the purpose of your visit, other visa types include tourist visa, spouse visa, fiancé visa, partner visa, family member visa, and student visa. The application process and the required documents for each type of visa can vary significantly. For more information, please contact our office for a visa consultation.