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Translation Services Offered by Fuji Translation Agency

For over 15 years, Fuji Translation Agency has provided complete professional translation services, to various embassies, international corporations and government authorities. Our translators are highly trained and are accepted both by the Thai Courts and the United Nations, offering fast, professional services in more than 50 languages. We have years of experience providing fast, professional translation services to a broad range of highly reputable clientele.

Document Translation

With the ability to translate documents of all types in over 70 languages, we can support you multilingual communication processes in Thailand and overseas. Fuji Translation Agency uses professional-grade human translators to provide document translation services and we diligently pair your material to a translator with subject-matter expertise and background.


Fuji is accustomed to working with a multitude of texts and hosts a team of professionals, which can guarantee a high quality final product. We will provide you with the proofreading services you need to ensure you have the most accurate, reliable, consistent, and grammatically clean translation possible.


Copywriting is written content conveyed through online media and print materials. Fuji provides professional copywriting services in several languages with the help of our trained copywriters with years of experience creating content for a variety of organizations. This type of material is often used to advertise to person or group as well as raise brand awareness.


Copyediting is the work an editor does to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of a text. Applying professional-grade copyediting services to texts in various languages is what we do best. Fuji provide professional copyeditors subject mater expertise in their respective language ensuring you always get a result you’re happy with.


Fuji provides transcription services including, but not limited to diploma and transcript translation. Using our team of trained professional translators, we ensure the highest standards of transcription is applied to your transcripts and diplomas ensuring that you receive all the benefits of your academic credentials anywhere you go in the world.

UN Qualified Translators

The United Nations has high standards for translation services and Fuji has been providing these services for several years. All our translators are required to undergo specific trainings to qualify them to work on UN jobs, so whenever working with us you can expect the same level of commitment, care, and professionalism.

Now Hiring Translators

  • Fuji Translation Agency is currently seeking talented and passionate translation and interpretation specialists to fill a variety of part-time positions.
  • If interested, please contact us by phone at (office) +66 02-252-6428, or (cell) +66 086-106-3401, or email us at In your email message, please explain your interest and provide your full name,  phone number, language(s) of fluency, previous related work experience, and educational background.

Why Work at Fuji?

  • Rewarding Assignments
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Competitive Compensation (DOE)
  • Advanced Training Opportunities