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Tours Offered Through Fuji Translation Agency

Fuji Translation Agency has been helping travelers reach exotic destinations around the world for more than 5 years. Bringing you the best adventures and sites the world has to offer, we can send you on amazing guided tours to over 100 locations around the world. We make the process easy by arranging all flight details, assisting with immigration and travel visas procedures, providing airport pick up, and hotel accommodation services. Not sure about your next destination? Whether you’re looking for a guided group tour, a family adventure, or a tailor made tour, we can offer recommendations for hundreds of sites and locations around the world. Please call our office for a free travel consultation. Some popular destinations include Northern Thailand, Southern Thailand, and Angkor Wat. Please give us a call at (+66) 02-252-6428 or email us at for more information regarding destinations and packages.

Northern Thailand

Experience northern Thailand, an area with amazing temples, exotic ruins, colorful markets, delicious food and rich cultural heritage. Also known for its vast forests and beautiful natural surroundings, there is so much to discover in Thailand’s northern kingdom.

Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand hosts a relaxing, laid back environment with a never-ending supply of warm waters and sandy shores. Explore your way through lagoons, lakes, secluded beaches and snorkeling hotspots. Combining the exotic land with Thailand’s famous food culture, visiting southern Thailand will surely be an unforgettable holiday.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, located in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia is the largest religious monument in the world and a symbol of Cambodia. Witness the mysterious ruins and trek through the dense Cambodian jungle. Be awed not only by the ruins, but also by stories of ancient civilizations, god-kings, and the ancient mythology connected with Angkor Wat.