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Other Services

Other Services

Other Services Offered by Fuji Translation Agency

Fuji Translation Agency provides additional services including marriage registration, legal consultation, flight purchases, and hotel assistance. We have years of experience providing customers with these services and can leverage our years’ of experience and local network to give you the best results. If you are interested in a service that is not listed, we encourage you to reach out. It’s possible we can connect you with another company that specializes in the service you are seeking. For more information please contact us by phone at (office) +66 02-252-6428, or (cell) +66 086-106-3401, or email us at

Marriage Registration

A legal marriage in Thailand consists of both parties registering the marriage in person with a local Thai civil registry office. (Thai Amphur) This process will usually take several days and the procedure will vary depending on the nationalities of both parties. We recommend that you carefully read the marriage registration instructions put forth by your respected country embassy before starting the process.

Legal Consultation

Fuji Translation Agency has a network of legal consulting firms, with skill teams of lawyers that not only understand the laws and regulations, but also know how they are interpreted and applied. Navigating the legal landscape in Thailand can be a formidable task and we contract professional lawyers, specializing in several different areas of Thai law that remain up to date with the latest changes that will affect you, your business, and your investment in Thailand.

Flights & Hotels

Fuji Translation Agency can provide assistance in booking flights worldwide and arranging hotel accommodations in Bangkok. Our experienced travel staff knows what flights to look for, what airlines to choose, and when to purchase ticket in order to minimize your travel cost. Additionally, based on your budget we can make recommendations on great hotels in Bangkok and can arrange all the details of your stay, including airport pickup and drop off.

Filming License

It is strongly recommended by the Thai government that foreign film production companies hire a Thai based coordinator to assist with the procedures that must be followed before a film permit is granted. Fuji Translation Agency has years of experience helping production companies obtain film permits in Thailand. We can assist in acquiring work permits and arranging on-the-ground transportation, accommodation, food, equipment, local talent, studio rental and other requirements of the foreign production crew.

Travel Insurance

Accidents can happen in any part of the world and the insurance that you have at home will likely not cover anything that occurs outside of the country. Obtain travel insurance for trip protection that will cover medical expenses or medical evacuation if you suffer from an illness or accident. If you need to change your travel plans or cancel the trip altogether at the last minute, you can also avoid losing your money by having the expenses covered by the insurance.