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Legal Consultation

Legal Consultation

Legal Consultation Services in Thailand

Fuji Translation Agency has a network of legal consulting firms, with skill teams of lawyers that not only understand Thai laws and regulations, but also know how they are interpreted and applied. Navigating the legal landscape in Thailand can be a formidable task and we contract professional lawyers, specializing in several different areas of Thai law that remain up to date with the latest changes that will affect you, your business, and your investment in Thailand.

Litigation Services

Whenever faced with a legal controversy, foreigners are encouraged to seek the services of a Thai lawyer, mainly because all legal proceedings are conducted in the native language. Also, pleadings for proposals to judicial bodies are submitted in Thai as well and only lawyers who are members of the local bar are allowed to appear in Thai courts. Fuji Translation Agency can connect you with legal professional specializing in many areas concerned with litigation.

Thai Will

Fuji Translation Agency can connect you with experienced professional lawyers providing legal services for drafting of a Thai Will. A document such as this will contain details about your assets in Thailand such as property, financial accounts, vehicles, and personal items. Having a Will drafted only in your home country to cover assets in Thailand may be trouble some for your family because the documents will need to be translated, notarized and approved by a local government body, therefore we recommend a separate Will for your assets in Thailand.

Thai Divorce

Two types of divorces are possible in Thailand. An uncontested divorce is the more simple form and is a swift and straightforward process. Both spouses must be physically present when applying and the registration takes place at a local register also called an amphur, amphoe or khet. Alternatively, a contested divorce must take place at the Thai courts. This type of divorce is often more complicated and can involve a number of issues including if one spouse has been absentee causing detriment to the other, disputes over marital property and disagreements about child custody.

Child Adoption

Child adoption in Thailand is the event of legally placing an adopted child in the care of adoptive parents other than the biological parents. An adoption order means that the rights and responsibilities of the child are transferred from the biological parents to the adoptive parents. Whether you are considering Thailand domestic or inter-country adoption this is a complicated process. Fuji Translation Agency has years of experience helping both Thai national and foreigners with child adoption and can guide you through all the procedures necessary to complete the adoption process.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is essentially a lawyer’s authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters. Power of Attorney comes in two usual forms, General Power of Attorney (GPA) and Special Power of Attorney (SPA). A GPA allows for a longer, broader Power of Attorney, where a SPA is more limited in scope and time sensitive. Fuji Translation Agency can connect you with legal professionals who can provide services for drafting and notarizing the legal documents that grant Power of Attorney.

Notary Service

A Notary Public is a term for an official who is licensed by the government to execute tasks such as witnessing of affidavits or statements of persons under oath and authentication of signatures or documents. While there are no notaries public in Thailand, lawyers are given the authority to perform the same functions. Fuji Translation Agency can connect you with professional lawyers in Thailand who can perform several different notary services.