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Interpretation Services Offered by Fuji Translation Agency

With over 15 years’ experience in the interpretation industry, Fuji is a leading source of interpretation services in Thailand. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of interpretation services enabling you to communicate across barriers in language and culture. We provide highly trained professional interpreters to many different types of clients, including individual customers, international corporations, embassies, and various government authorities. We are proud to provide highly skilled interpreters for assignments with the United Nations. UN programs have high standards for interpreters and we have been providing these services for several years

Face-to-face or Telephone Interpreters

With advanced notice, Fuji can send interpreters to come to your location anywhere in Bangkok. For longer contracts, on-site interpreters are more effective and offer a better value. Our interpreters are highly skilled and have knowledge in various industry types. Most can be readily available with 24 hours’ notice. For shorter assignments, telephone interpretation can be just as effective. With phone interpreting there is a more extensive list of languages available.

Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpretation

The most common type of interpretation is consecutive: a person speaks in one language, pauses, then an interpreter is given a chance to convey what was said in the listener’s language. Simultaneous interpretation is often used in large presentations or conferences, where a significant percentage of the audience does not require an interpreter, or where multiple languages are needed at the same time. This scenario required simultaneous interpretation so the speaker is not interrupted. Often trained interpreters, working in two-person teams inside a booth, broadcasting their voices to the listeners wearing headphones, accomplish this. Whether you’re seeking consecutive of simultaneous interpretation, our interpreters have the training and skills to accomplish any job, no matter how challenging.

UN Qualified Interpreters

The United Nations has high standards for interpretation services and Fuji has been providing these services for several years. All our interpreters are required to undergo specific trainings to qualify them to work on UN assignments, so whenever working with us you can expect the same level of commitment, care, and professionalism, no matter the job.

Now Hiring Interpreters

  • Fuji Translation Agency is currently seeking talented and passionate translation and interpretation specialists to fill a variety of part-time positions.
  • If interested, please contact us by phone at (office) +66 02-252-6428, or (cell) +66 086-106-3401, or email us at In your email message, please explain your interest and provide your full name,  phone number, language(s) of fluency, previous related work experience, and educational background.

Why Work at Fuji?

  • Rewarding Assignments
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Competitive Compensation (DOE)
  • Advanced Training Opportunities