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Q: How do foreigners get married in Thailand?

A: A foreigner needs to get marriage document approval from their embassy located in Thailand and then all documents are to be translated in Thai and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Q: Is a Thai marriage certificate recognized by international laws?

A: Absolutely. Although a Thai marriage certificate is initially drafted in Thai language, the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required to legalize all official documents in English.  For duration and fees regarding marriage certificates, see

 Q: Which languages are accepted in a Thai court of law?

A: Thai is the only language accepted in a Thai court of law. We offer translation interpretation services to assist with court proceedings in 99+ languages.

Q: What are some common types of documents Fuji performs translation services on?

A: Fuji offers translation services on all types of documents from standard documents to highly confidential documents, which can be submitted in a Thai court of law.

Q: If people don’t have a basic salary or no bank statements can they apply for a visa?

A: Yes as long as you can provide any prove of income.

Q: What different types of visas can Fuji provide?

A: Fuji can provide any type of visa, but it’s all depends on the candidate and the documents provided and whether those documents meet the visa requirements of the embassy you’re applying for. Please check our visa section for more information.