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About Fuji Translation Agency

Fuji Translation Center and Travel Agency was established in 1999, with the aim of providing the best quality Japanese language translation to many Japanese companies on Thailand. Fuji is a mountain in Japan that is well known and respected by the Japanese people. It is a symbol of stability and honesty as is our translation and interpretation services. We maintain a strong, ethical code to always be transparent, honest and efficient.

In the past few years Fuji has grown significantly, becoming a leading source for various languages, providing qualified, professional translators and interpreters. Fuji has served various customers including international corporations, government embassies, and the United Nations. With the presence of trained and qualified staff, Fuji continues to grow through the coordination and collaboration of international corporations in the field of translation and interpretation.

Fuji has also provided legal services to police affairs, courthouse proceedings, and other government authorities. Fuji always respects the timeliness and the confidentiality of the customer, with the mentality that customers always come first.